Summer Camp


Having fun and learning is what Preschool of America’s summer program is all about. Our new summer program “Around the World in 50 days” is a great enrichment to our standard program. Students will be exposed to the rich traditions of South America, Africa, North America, Asia and Europe. Our summer program will enable children to learn about the distinct and various languages, foods, dress and traditions of specific regions. Children will be engaged in meaningful hands on learning, where they will be able to participate and share in all of the different traditions that make each region unique.


Additionally, Preschool of America utilizes all of our local resources to expose children to the arts. Musical concerts, children’s theater productions, visits to the park for water play, exciting field trips, in-house entertainment and exposure to lots of sunshine are just some of the fun things we will do during the summer.


Our new summer program was designed for children on the go. The theme-based program was created to inspire your child to explore, create, interact and stay active during the summer months. We have chosen developmentally and age appropriate activities, lessons and games for both learning and fun to enhance what your child has already learned. Your child’s summer vacation at our program becomes a strong foundation for future success.


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