Gifted & Talented program


The Gifted & Talented /ERB/OLSAT test prep activities are designed to enhance the curriculum and prepare our pre-k students to take the exam for admission to gifted and talented public school kindergarten programs and independent private schools. The goal is to give students an advantage through practice, exposure, and familiarity with test taking skills and formatting. Some skills to be taught are: following directions, classification, reasoning, analogies, arithmetic, and sequencing. English/reading and phonics skills will also be taught. These skills will be reviewed on a daily basis using worksheets that address the skills necessary for taking the exam. Teachers use sample questions that are similar in style and content to actual test questions so children become comfortable with the format.


We are aware of the skills and knowledge admissions directors seek from kindergarten

applicants and we understand the kinds of questions likely to be asked. Through

positive reinforcement, which builds children’s confidence and ease with test taking,

results are strengthened. Many of the gauged test skills are taught in the classroom during center activities and circle time; however, individual and one-on-one instruction are also provided. Although pre-reading skills are an important part of our curriculum, reading is not a prerequisite for these tests.


Every year most of our pre-Kindergarten students take the ERB/OLSAT exam. A lot of these students are accepted into both private and public school Kindergarten gifted and talented classes.


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