Why Start Teaching 3-5 year olds Chinese Today?

If you missed teaching your child Chinese during the baby stage, now is the best time to give your 3-5 year old preschoolers the bilingual advantage.

3-5 year olds can learn Chinese easily.  They are able to learn Chinese words easily, and now able to form sentences as well. Like babies, they can still also easily distinguish speaking tones totally different from their native language, so starting a language at 3-5 years still has a good chance of them sounding like a native. They are always at home and can be arranged to take daily  Chinese language lessons.

They are excited to do things with you.  If it is established that a favorite adult is scheduled to spend some time with them to tell stories, sing, color and do puzzles in Chinese, they will actually  look forward to their daily session to learn Chinese.

The biggest advantage of 3-5 year olds learning Chinese  (compared to older age groups) is that they are not afraid to make mistakes. They try new words and new tones and learn without apprehension.

3 years old - SENTENCES.

Child understands more of the language frequently heard. Beginning to understand language to describe how people think or feel. Can now follow 2-step instructions. Can speak in simple sentences, mostly in the here and now.  Now able to recount something that happened.  Can now talk longer in reciprocal conversation.

5 years old - COMPLEX SENTENCES.

Now understands and speaks the language. Can speak in complex sentences easily (Now that they can talk, sometimes they don't want to stop). 3-5 year olds can still pick up Chinese tones and accents easily. Let them learn Chinese while young, use our Learn-Chinese materials regularly and interact with your preschooler in Chinese. Your kids will listen, sing-along and say basic Chinese words and phrases! By the time children are in preschool, they have grasped the concept of language. Let your child learn from these entertaining Chinese stories, songs, and videos

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