The Number of Mandarin Learners around the World in 2007 and 2014



The great increasing trend of Learning Chinese:

According to the Epoch Times, the field of Chinese education has been gradually valued in America since 1997. At that time, approximately 275 schools provided Chinese courses. With time passing by, the number of people learning Chinese has soared. In 2007, Chinese courses mushroomed in over one hundred countries and an estimated 30 million of people worldwide was learning Chinese.  In 2014, the numbers greatly increased up to 100 million all over the world, which is more than three times as many as the one in 2007.   With the irresistible trend of learning Chinese, Professor Wu, an adjunct professor in New York University (NYU), claimed that it is an era of Chinese in the near future (Ji, 2015).  David Graddol, an authority on linguistics, supported the statement by saying that Chinese is the must-learn language in the world. In addition, David William Donald Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, suggested that the time that children spend learning Chinese should be increased.


Why do we learn Mandarin?

“China has over 5000 years of history and has roughly 1.3 billion people, which equates to approximately one fifth of the global population; the significance of knowing Mandarin and understanding China in this world is more obvious than not” (Shao, 2015).  After all, the potential and influence of a market have everything to do with its population.


The Population of China and the United States in 2015



China (1.26 Billion)

The United Stated (0.3 Billion)





The advantages of learning Chinese

  • Facilitate the use of brainpower:
  • Chinese is a language with different tones. During the process of speaking the language, learners are able to use both sides of their brains.
  • Communicate in one of the biggest languages: Approximately one-fifth of the population around the world speaks Chinese. In addition, with the increasing awareness of learning the language, there is no denying that you are equipped with a much better communication skill. Therefore, being able to speak Chinese is going to give you a leg up when it comes to a better future career in the competitive realm of globalization.
  • Broaden horizons: You will have opportunities to experience the beauty of the language, Chinese cultures, and Chinese virtue, such as humbleness, thoughtfulness, and perseverance. Therefore, with different perspectives and cosmopolitan views, the colorful journey of learning Chinese is the reward.

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